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  • Electric Breast Pump - AE Basic
    Super Silence 2-phase expression 9 levels suction Buffering lactation collection mode LCD display Closed system with anti-backflow Multiple Power Supply Optional
  • Double Electric Breast Pump - IE Basic
    There are four special features: – Gentle stimulation to express Breast Milk fast – Big LCD Display – Convenient and easy your milk – Easy to assemble and convenient for strong breast milk
  • Manual Breast Pump - EE Classic
    Manual Breast Pump - EE Classic is designed for all mothers needing comfort and professional support when feeding healthy and sick children. Features: Gentle stimulation and milk extraction Simple to use and easy to set up Ideal for storing milk
  • Baby Bottle Warmer - BH8110
    There are four special features:   – Dial button – Simple disinfection function – Fast heating – Warming up baby food  
  • Baby Double Bottle Warmer - BH9210
    Special Features: – Milk heating – Food warming – Steam sterilization  
  • Smart Electric Kettle - BH7100
    Special Features: – Food grade stainless steel – Wide opening for easy pouring and cleaning – Concealed heating element and cord winder – Steam sensor, dry boiling and overheating prevention
  • Double Bottle Warmer - BH9100
    Special Features: – Smart temperature control adjusts the heating pattern – Milk heating – Food warming – Steam sterilization
  • Breast Milk - 250ML
    – Hygienic & easy to use – Food grade material for safe storage – Leak proof with double ziplock to prevent slitting – Self standing base  
  • Breast Milk - 150ML
    – Hygienic & easy to use – Food grade material for safe storage – Leak proof with double ziplock to prevent slitting – Self standing base
  • Electric Nasal Aspirator - CNXBQ-006
    BioHealth Electric Nasal Aspirator is designed for clearing the respiratory tract in infants and small children by removing catarrhal secretion from the nose.
  • Baby Food Maker - BH003
    Easily prepare nutritious, homemade baby meals with Baby Food Maker - BioHealth BH003.
  • Inhalation Chamber - BH01
    Designed especially for children Baby Inhaler is a professional medical product for designed for inhalation therapy for babies from the very first month of life.
  • Piston Nebulizer - NEB Easy
    BioHealth NEB Easy is a compact  medical device designed to efficiently deliver physician prescribed medication to  the bronchial lung passages for the treatment of asthma, allergies, COPD, and  other respiratory ailments.  
  • Air-Compressing Nebulizer - NEB Pro
    BioHealth NEB Pro is an every day compressor nebuliser suitable for the whole family. It's convenient small size allows easy transportation and storage without taking up too much space.
  • Breathing Trainer - VIS01
    – Quantity: 1 – Capacity: 5000ml – Large volume measurement and advanced low-work-of-breathing filter. – Compact, ergonomic design with built-in handle. – Single-patient use.
  • Portable Oral Irrigator - FL-V33
    – Effective Problem Prevention – Easy to Use and No Splash – 320ML Large Water Tank – Powerful Battery with USB Cable
  • BTE Hearing Aid - JH-D59
    – Max Sound Output: 127±3DB – Sound Gain: 114±4DB – Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤7% + 3% – Frequency Range: 450-4000Hz – Input Noise: ≤29dB + 3dB – Voltage: D.C.3.7V – Current: ≤10mA
  • ITE Hearing Aids - JH-907
    – Max Sound Output: 123±3DB – Sound Gain: 35±5DB – Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤30% – Frequency Range: 300-3000Hz – Input Noise: ≤45dB – Voltage: D.C.1.5V – Current: ≤3.5mA
  • Hearing Aid - JH-115
    – Max Sound Output: 133 ±3dB – Sound Gain: 37dB ±3 dB – Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤10% – Frequency Range: 320-3200Hz – Input Noise: ≤33±3dB – Voltage: D.C. 1.5V – Current: ≤4.5mA
  • Pocket Hearing Aid - JH-238
    – Max Sound Output: 128DB – Sound Gain: ≥40dB±5 – Total Harmonic Wave Distortion:≤30% – Frequency Range: 300-6000Hz – Input Noise: ≤40dB – Voltage: D.C. 3V – Current: ≤8mA
  • Knee Stocking - BioHealth Classic I
    Knee Stocking features: – Flexible material ensures a comfortable and optimal fit – Extremely resistant and durable – Breathable, high-quality multifunctional yarn.
  • BioHealth Ankle Support
    BioHealth Ankle Support - Compression theraphy with natural fibre
  • Thigh Stocking - BioHealth Classic I
    – Reliable compression for everyday – Pleasant wearing comfort and perfect fit – Resilient and durable thanks to multi-functional yarns – Wide variety of stockings available
  • BioHealth Knee Support
    BioHealth Knee Support - Compression theraphy with natural fibre
  • UV Sterilizer - BH5500
    Compact design, lots of space (10L), can hold 11 milk bottles
  • UV Sterilizer - BH5100
    2 mode buttons: Auto mode & UV sterilization mode.
  • UV Sterilizer - BH5700
    This product adopts the PTC warm air drying mode, and is equipped with DC motor, fan, control element and PTC chip, etc.,
  • Warmer, Sterilizer & Dryer - BH8950
    Multi-function: Sterilization; Drying; Sterilization and drying; Defrosting breast milk; etc.
  • Sterilizer & Dryer - BH8910
    Compact and easy to use, the BioHealth Sterilizer & Dryer enables you to sterilize standard and wide neck bottles in one easy step.
  • Sterilizer & Dryer - BH8920
    Continuous thermostat for precise temperature setting.
    Make milk, heat water quickly for 8-10 seconds
  • Mini Juicer
    Portable, convenient to carry when going out
  • Wipes Warmer - BH8900
    Large capacity tray (can hold 80 pcs wet wipes bag)
  • Baby Care Kit
    Used to baby daily care, to keep their personal hygiene clean and tidy.