In the place of Xin Fu, Yu and you may Toph appeared to possess a interactive matchmaking

When Toph try found to own earthbending results, the lady mothers rented Yu as the their master, giving this lady personal instructions where she was only permitted to getting coached earliest models and you may breathing teaching, even after Toph’s currently prime mastery over those processes. At first, Yu appeared to be a friend, vacationing with Lao Beifong to recuperate Toph from Xin Fu, wherein the guy noticed her beat another benders easily. Yu perform, however, turn out to be an opponent in the end, rapidly taking Lao’s financial bribe to forcibly offer Toph back, just like the Lao think Toph had been kidnapped from the Avatar. [8] He had been, however, even less hostile on the Toph than just Xin Fu. [25] The guy and you may Xin Fu captured this lady when you look at the Ba Sing Se, [26] even if she was able to getting away from this new steel package in the which she try contained by practise by herself metalbending, capturing Yu and Xin Fu from inside the container in the act. [48]

Toph try the person who volunteered to educate Aang earthbending so which he can use it to defeat Ozai when dealing with his archenemy. Toph and Sokka and Suki infiltrated and you will stowed up to speed you to airship by means of utilizing it given that a decoy to destroy all of those other airships from inside the middle-sky. On Suki’s remark regarding the beauty of brand new comet, Toph told you it had been too bad you to Ozai would definitely make use of it to ruin the nation.

On the wake of one’s race, Toph briefly came across Ozai really after Aang outdone him. Continue reading