Deciding on Japanese people and you may community using their words, having occasional forays on almost every other languages

When to explore -chan otherwise -san, or any other ways to address members of Japan

Within the Japanese talk, brand new suffixes -san and you will -chan are utilized regularly when handling other people – elizabeth.g. “Sato-san”, “Kobayashi-san”, “Mayumi-san”, “Taro-chan”*. Talking about sort of the newest equivalant out-of ‘Mr.’ ‘Mrs.’ ‘Ms.’ etc. inside the English, yet not alike. If you are understanding Japanese for your amount of time, you truly already know that there exists some rules about when to fool around with -san or -chan, but just however if, here he is.

Play with -san given that default

While you are approaching someone, if you do not getting most alongside them, you should always explore -san. Continue reading