So, what is a minimum deposit requirement, and how does it affect the bonus you’re thinking of claiming?

Minimum deposit requirements are a common part of online casino bonuses, and virtually every bonus in the world comes with some type of minimum deposit requirement.

In short, a minimum deposit requirement simply means that you need to make a minimum deposit to be eligible to claim one of the casino bonuses on offer. For example, if the casino was offering a 100% matched deposit bonus, they may stipulate in the terms and conditions that the minimum deposit to claim the bonus is, say, ?20.

The actual minimum deposit limit in place depends largely on the size of the bonus you’re looking to claim as well as the casino you play at. For example, some online casinos set the minimum deposit for bonuses as the site’s minimum deposit limit; other casinos have a higher minimum deposit limit, especially when it comes to high-roller bonuses.

Generally speaking, a fair and common minimum deposit limit is around ?10. Some of the bigger casino bonuses iphone casino – especially those geared towards high roller players – can increase into the tens or even hundreds of pounds, but it’s very unusual.

Free Spins?

Free spins – also known as bonus spins – are a popular ‘add on’ too many casino bonuses, and they’re particularly common when it comes to new players claiming a first deposit bonus; however, you won’t find them offered with all first deposit bonus promotions, as only certain casinos run them. Continue reading