Young people with Lifetime-limiting otherwise Lives-intimidating Criteria

This research searched the online dating profiles from exact same intercourse relationship, researching other solutions to relationships for the later lives, individuals’ motives to look for close matchmaking, and exactly how they represent themselves during the matchmaking compared with heterosexual matchmaking (Griffin & Fingerman, 2018). Five templates was basically understood and you will had been relevant to help you exact same-intercourse relationships: (a) curiosity about a love; (b) hobbies; (c) shared experience; (d) romance; and you can (e) humor (Griffin & Fingerman, 2018); although it are learned that the need having a relationship try really common within the homosexual matchmaking (people looking to men) as compared to lesbian (lady seeking to people), who were less likely to want to search a lot of time-label matchmaking (Griffin & Fingerman, 2018). Continue reading