The League – Best for Dating without the World Knowing

Has this ever happened to you? You’re cruising along on a dating app, looking for love (or a hookup). All of a sudden, your boss shows up in your matches. It’s a gross feeling and can be uncomfortable if you or your boss are still in the closet. Fortunately, you can keep your dating and professional lives separate on The League.

You’ll link your LinkedIn account to The League when signing up to verify your profile. Then, you can also connect it with Facebook if you want. Once everything’s added, you can block family, friends, and professional connections from seeing you on the dating app.

Whether you’re in the closet or don’t like to mix business and pleasure, we think you’ll love The League. You’ll also appreciate how exclusive it is. There’s even a waiting list, so sign up today so the team can review your profile.

Zoosk – Best Gay Dating Site for Finding a Travel Partner

Have you noticed connexion dating that the travel industry spends lots of money marketing to the LGBTQ+ community? While some people think this is virtue signaling, it’s all about the money. See, gay people tend to travel more than other groups, and they spend more money when they’re out.

But the community is diverse, so not all gay guys are ready to pack up and hop on the next plane. Continue reading