Phylogenetic study out of 22 Lythraceae variety having associated cp genomes contained in this Myrtales

MP, ML and you may BI woods had been created in line with the 66 mutual necessary protein coding genetics of 50 cp genomes (Most document seven: Table S7). This type of cp genomes provided the ones from twenty-two Lythraceae species, several Myrtaceae types, about three Onagraceae species, five Melastomataceae varieties and seven variety incorporated once the aside organizations. Brand new 22 Lythraceae species incorporated H. myrtifolia, P. granatum, fourteen Lagerstroemia species and you may 6 recently sequenced species (D. grandiflora, T. natans, L. inermis, R. rotundifolia, L. salicaria and you may W. fruticosa).

General, the newest phylogenetic tree displayed clear inner relationship certainly one of Myrtales species

Brand new topological formations of the ML woods, MP woods and you can BI trees was uniform, and the four household (Lythraceae, Onagraceae, Myrtaceae and you may Melastomataceae) was basically classified on the four monophyletic clades. Simultaneously, Melastomataceae try defined as the new basal category during the Myrtales. Continue reading