BioHealth is a brand of healthcare devices registered in Australia. We are ambitious to bring healthy products ideas from nature, healthy biology to hi-technology healthcare devices to all people around the world.

Our mission is to provide healthy friendly products with high technology embedded, cost effective to every person.


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– Commitment
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I personally find that BioHealth breast pump is a great product. It brings many benefits to moms and babies, especially for me because I work as an office staff. Although my job is very busy, I still want my baby enjoy the full precious source of breast milk.

The product has a massage mode to help stimulate milk. Additionally, there are 9 normal pumping modes for mothers to choose from. There are also alternate suction modes, continuous suction, etc.

Through the above-mentioned features, I think the BioHealth breast pump is a good product. In my opinion, it is a great invention to help mothers less hard in raising their babies.

Mrs Eleanor White
Office Staff

This is the best thing on the planet! I absolutely love my sterilizer! I use it everyday! I use it for pump parts, bottles, everything I can put in it, goes in it. I love the double basket feature so I can separate little parts from bigger items. My bottles are clean & not sticky or greasy after a wash with some squeezy. Especially as I’m using breastmilk, it is very sticky compared to formula.

The sterilizing process is quick, and it is really easy to use. It also comes apart very easily for cleaning, and can be used in a few different configurations, depending on the amount of items you plan to sterilize. I strongly recommend this product to whoever needs to sterilize any baby product. Love love love!

Mrs Madison Blenchat
Marketing Director

The hearing aid is amazing! My father is very happy! First of all, it’s very fast! After my father put it on, he said that his ears were very comfortable and would not hurt his ears as much as those hearing aids before. Secondly, it has three modes: normal mode, noise mode and telephone mode. The operation is very simple. My father learned it very quickly. Thirdly, the rechargeable feature works very well and saves a lot in battery expense and time in changing out old batteries. Finally, multiple silicone sleeves make it easier for my father to change and clean.

Now my father can communicate well and make calls easily. I would recommend these aids for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Mr Chris McKennedy
Human Resources Manager